a man giving feedback on a survey

First Reader Feedback Survey To Make the Blog Better (Honest Feedback Welcome!)

a man giving feedback on a survey
Can I get an opinion?

Readers are the lifeblood of every blog, and this one is no exception. In this post, I want to get your honest feedback so I can supply more of the content you want to see in the future. The survey down below is pretty self-explanatory. Rate the sections of the site by favorite to least favorite. (Click on the Creator Villa Homepage New Tab if you have want a refresher on the articles published in each section.) Below I ask you what you like, think can be better, and include a free text box so you can submit personalized feedback. I do appreciate you taking a few moments out to complete this survey!

As you may have already seen by now.. Creator Villa is Now Accepting Guest Posts! Make your submissions to contact@creatorvilla.com or by using the contact form here. I have added the option to include a link to your website/blog. This gives you the opportunity to generate traffic in exchange for gifting the community with your creative content.

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