100 grand candy bar

Congrats CV On 100,000 PageViews!

100 grand candy bar
A milestone marker and coincidentally my favorite candy bar.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will notice that the ticker under “Blog Stats” has recently acquired a sixth digit. Today the blog reached 100,000 total pageviews! I want to take this milestone as an opportunity to thank you for your support since this project kicked off. This year I want to open the door for you to get involved even more. As a reminder, you can make your guest post submissions using the following link.

CV generates the vast majority of traffic from search engines. Here are the blog’s 5 most viewed articles according to current analytics:


The One Powerful Habit of Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali and Nikola Tesla

My Powerful 3-Day Dry Fasts (14 Observations)

Sunlight is the Key to Testosterone and Athletic Performance in Males

100 Days of Retention (7 Fascinating Observations)

An Hourly Log of My 3-Day Dry Fast (30 Insightful Journal Entries)

For the 50 most recent posts, click here. For all site archives, click here. You can also view all interviews or transcripts.

Let me know any ideas you have to make the site better. Drop a note in the comments or you can access the contact form here.

Next update will come at the one million mark.

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