Creative Journal: For Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Inventors & Businessmen To Pen Their Brilliant Ideas

New journal for idea-taking is out! The journal [6″ by 9″ +120 pages] is complete with 60 inspirational quotes, the great majority of which are original. Check out a sample page and the full description below. You purchase on Amazon for just $8.99.

Creative Journal Description:

Creative ideas are like dreams. When we do not resolve to remember them, they often get lost forever. There is a saying, “Better is a short pencil than a long memory.” The human memory, for all its vaunted exploits, is notoriously fragile.

On the other hand, writing is a superior preservative of knowledge for its ability to capture information precisely and effortlessly for generations. The printing press, which enabled the written word to proliferate, spurned rapid technological progress and is routinely cited as a catalyst of the Enlightenment. Indeed, the written word is largely to credit for the advanced technology and high standard of living enjoyed by billions of people today worldwide.

Artists, writers, thinkers, inventors, businessmen– and anyone with an interest in personal growth or content creation – stands to gain by keeping a journal of their ideas, insights, and observations. This habit insures against inevitable forgetfulness and generates a framework for elaboration and refinement. To be sure, gems of knowledge come from a wide variety of sources. Pithy quotes, perceptive observations, and provocative questions from others can add value to our lives and are also worthy of being remembered.

A traditional print solution enables people to go off the grid and stay clear of the distractions inherent to technology. This journal, complete with 60 inspirational thoughts of myself and others, is a blank canvas. You can do with it whatever you want. However, the artwork and product were designed by a writer for other creatives.

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