Quote of the Day #218: Learning A New Language

To study a new language is to become a child again. It entails relearning basic human social skills involving expression, humor, tact, irony, personality, and culture. You have to be intellectually curious to opt in to this process. But you also have to be humble. Humility is the price we pay for the benefits of multi-lingualism.

Creator Villa


  1. i personally agree with you , as i was learning French i felt like a baybe again no matter how many languague you speak you may get the next one easier than the other but it will always be like it is the first one that you are learning due to the Learning process alwasys goes like

    I am melqui
    You are juana
    We are learning
    hhahahahah, so no matter how many languague you speak you will always start from the very biggining.

    lastly i would like to say that
    i even hate when i most take some English classes , and i have to start everything from the scratch , so what i did this new classes i took a test to avoid taking the class the entired 4 months of classes

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