Word of the Day #11: Craft

Craft [krahft]: To create or produce; (as a noun) something crafted by hand; an art or profession that requires skill, especially manual skill.

1-) The policymaker crafted a plan to grow the economy by 4%.

2-) Children in the US often make crafts during sunday school.

3-) Michael Jordan’s craft was the game of basketball.

Word of the Day is a fun idea I came up with to help my friends advance their English proficiency. It’s perfect for students of English as a foreign language and native English speakers who want to sharpen up their vocabulary. All words and sample sentences are my own. The phonetic pronunciation can be found after the word in parenthesis with the bold-face indicating which syllable to stress. If you are looking for the audio pronunciation, visit www.dictionary.com and click on the speaker icon next to the word. Feel free to share the entries with your friends and make your own contextual sentences in the comment section below. Remember, you can access all past Words of the Day using the header menu (Education –> Word of the Day). In order to get automatic updates of all new blog posts, including Word of the Day, you can sign up via email using the form below, or subscribe to the blog by clicking the blue “Follow Creator Villa” icon.

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