Word of the Day #2: Underrate

Underrate [uhn-der-reyt]: not to give proper credit or recognition for the ability of someone or something. Adj. underrated (opposite of overrated)

1-) The athlete was highly underrated when he entered college. Nobody expected him to achieve the success that he would later achieve. 2-) I think the 5-star buffet was overrated. The food was bland (uninteresting, unexciting) and there was dirt all over the counter. 3-) Can you name one area in which people tend to underrate you and one area in which they tend to overrate you?

Word of the Day is a fun idea I came up with to help my friends advance their English proficiency. Perfect for students of English as a foreign language and native English speakers who want to sharpen up their vocabulary. All words and sample sentences are my own. Feel free to share the entries with your friends and make your own contextual sentences in the comment section below. In order to get automatic updates of all new blog posts, including Word of the Day, you can sign up via email using the form at the bottom of this page.

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