I Decked Out My Car With Stylish Seat Covers

My Honda Civic shown with red and black seat covers
My Honda Civic 2016 fitted with seat covers.

Today I want to share one of my few style experiments that I would label a success. I’m a pretty simple guy and don’t spend a lot of time accessorizing. If the car runs, then it’s good by me. But an item on Amazon caught my attention that looked like it could add value to my Honda Civic. And by value I mean the satisfaction I get by looking at the car and the additional cleanliness of an extra layer. Judge for yourself down below, but I’m happy with the end result.

Seat covers cover existing stains on the surface of the seats, prevent future stains, and add style and comfort. I have several unsightly stains from passengers eating and drinking, and now my interior looks brand new. And a lot of people commented on how much cooler the car looks after the installation. I bought my seat covers on Amazon from a company called PIC AUTO. Since my purchase, they’ve come out with a new universal design. I chose PIC AUTO because I liked the price, there were 4+ star reviews, and it was easy to put together. Assembly took about 30 minutes with the help of my brother, and neither of is a handyman. The universal design fit my Civic perfectly and they say it is built to accommodate most cars, SUVs and trucks. (UPDATE: It looks like they got rid of the mesh fabric universal fit in the red and black. The red and black is available in leather and the blue and black is available in fabric mesh.

Here’s a link to the red and black variety as seen in the featured image. PIC AUTO Universal Fit Full Set Mesh and Leather Car Seat Cover(Red) (Amazon affiliate link) They also offer Red, Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Beige (clickable links below). Make sure you check out the before & afters of my car down below.


Before & Afters:

seat covers before photo.
seat covers before photo.
Seat covers.
seat covers after photo.

Author: Ben Peters

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