*NEW E-BOOK RELEASE* Be More Productive: Save 30 Minutes a Day by Learning The Art of Typing

Be more productive typing

Today, I’m pleased to announce the release of my typing manual (~5k words) Be More Productive: Save 30 Minutes a Day by Learning The Art of Typing. You can purchase the Kindle edition on Amazon for $2.99! Check out the Table of Contents and Book Description down below!

Be More Productive Typing Table of Contents

Be More Productive: Save 30 Minutes a Day by Learning The Art of Typing Book Description:

Every age differs in its ability to store, create, and transmit information. Today, we are living in the computer age. The diffusion of digital technology has made it easier than ever to fulfill the basic communicative tasks on which civilization depends. In keeping with this evolution, demand for typing skills has risen exponentially during the last 20 years. Whereas typing was once a luxury, it is now a basic life skill that all modern people have an interest in developing.  

As someone who progressed from typing 30 words per minute (wpm) to 150+ wpm, I have witnessed firsthand how a faster typing speed can improve the quality of life. Faster typists save time, work efficiently, and deliver on their creative and intellectual potential. Indeed, the skill of typing is an especially tremendous asset for students, writers, programmers, translators, white collar workers, and people who otherwise spend a substantial amount of time online.   

Average typists with a median lifestyle can expect to double their typing speed and save 30 minutes per day by following the simple guidance of this short book. Thirty minutes a day, every day for a decade, amounts to a grand average of 1,825 hours. Multiply that by four, and the sum is 7,300 hours of time savings in a generation.

Whether you stand to gain more or less than 30 minutes per day by increasing your typing speed, this easy read, which will take about a half hour to knock out in its own right, is well worth the investment. And, as I will elaborate, the benefits of speedier typing go far beyond time.

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